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Life is just a bowl of cherries Sometimes it’s filled with worries.Don't be afraid When things go wrong, just be strong

Merlin Francis

The questions raised here are so relevant. A manager who has no trust in his team will end up with under achievers. On the other hand in cases where managers have placed complete trust in their sales team - given them freedom to take a call and respect their decisions or stand by them in times of crisis - make achievers of even under-performers.

People might work for money, but they perform outstandingly well for emotional reasons - often in lieu of the way they feel about working for a company, a manager, a team.

Leslie Raney

This checklist is very helpful to begin a discussion around how to strengthen these critical business relationships. It might be helpful to ask the person for their feedback on how a deficient skill could be improved on - specific behaviors to keep, start or stop doing.

Tenant Loans

This is often ignored but a vital part of the business sales process.

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