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Lacoste shoes

It is easy to be wise after the event?You never know what you can do till you try?

edwin ameh

Thanks for this wonderful piece.Usually i make my presentation very short and precise using aminations that that create suspense.This attract rap attention.I also make power presentation very interactive that creates an open ended section and i get my audience aasking questions.

Richard Lane

Great post and it's great to know I am doing something right! I find that I've always tried to put myself in the shoes of my audience (as best I can). What would I want to hear if I was in their seat, what's important, what matters. The power of stories and experiences.



great tips for power presentation. I always find it useful to smile a lot and use voice tone to make a point.

Ketan Thakkar

For me, the key is to remember that I am giving something to the audience. It helps take the edge away from speaking to them. To help that concept, I like to have a product sample which I can show or a sample of the product in the application. I can walk around and show it to the audience - that pulls them in as well and engages their interest.

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