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Secondary sales management

It is a nice presentation given by Kevin Hooper, vice president of HP's commercial business segment Technology Solutions Group.that his goal is to expand the number of deals greater than $100,000, and change the mix of larger deals through up-selling and broadening the scope. Selling through curiosity, developed by Barry Rhein is a nice solution.

Jeff Ogden

I wish I had been able to attend this conference, but I enjoyed the way Dave from Brainshark automated so many processes with great new products integrated with Salesforce.com. Not only do businesses need to utilize Sales 2.0 techniques, they also need to use best practices in lead generation. For tips and ideas on lead generation, http://www.findnewcustomers.net

Kevin Popovic

Great conference, Gerhard. The big message that I'm reporting is the need for sales and marketing to play well with each other - finally! I agree that sales can fix this economy - why not? We know most problems go away with enough money. We also know that the smart salesperson is the one who usually comes home with the most. This conference series is giving sales what they need most; information, technology and opportunity. I know that my company has gotten all three from this event.

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