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Great article - I'm going to save it on Delicious and tweet it. I like the tip for sales managers to not reject technology because you don't understand it - I work with CRM, and am constantly amazed at how many sales leaders still refuse to embrace the tools that will make their jobs easier and extend their ability to move teams toward their goals.

Christopher Ryan

Gerhard, excellent article and a great reminder of what not to do. I especially like one of those you listed for sales managers: Don’t assign a $10-an-hour job to a $120,000-a-year sales executive. This is a tremendous waste of valuable resources. I read recently that up to 70 percent of a typical sales rep's time is spent in non revenue producing activities. Many of these $10 per hour activities no doubt fall into that bucket.

Daniel M. Wood

Thank you for an interesting article.

As salesmen we are taught to always focus on the positive and never the negative.
In many ways this is good. But as you say it often closes our eyes to the negative things we are doing.

The list you have provided us reminds us that even though we focus on the positive parts of sales we should not forget to look at our own weaker sides.

I especially liked that one of your points was to build trust. I have always felt and always spread that you should focus on your customers. One recurring customer is usually worth more than 10 one-time customers.

Well thanks again.

//Daniel M. Wood

Kathy Tito

Don’t assign a $10-an-hour job to a $120,000-a-year sales executive.

Love it! With so many different aspects to the sales creation process, requiring so many different skill sets - this actually happens.

For example, when senior closers are assigned responsibility for things like database cleanup, or list generation, collateral fulfillment, etc. Not that these tasks should leverage at $10 per hour employee, but you get the point.

Thanks for that!

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