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Bob Morris

Mary Delaney, President of Personified, a division of CareerBuilder has hired thousands of salespeople during her career.

Let's assume the number she hired is 2000 over 25 years or 80 a year. Let's assume she interviewed 7 people to hire one. So she spent 30 minutes on each doing a "screening" interview(3.5 hours)and then 3 hours with the top two (6 hours)and and 1 additional hour with the hired candidate. That comes to 10.5 hours per hire x 80 hires = 840 hours a year.

Now let's assume she worked 48 weeks a year (2 weeks vacation and 2 weeks of holidays, sick days etc). 48 weeks x 40 hours = 1920 hours of which 840 (44%)were spent on hiring.

Perhaps you meant to say she PLACED (got jobs for)thousands of people in her career. Then the 2000 number is believable assuming she was a placer/recruiter. Many in our profession make 2 placements a week. In fact one month I made 16. But the time spent interviewing the candidate was less than an hour.

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