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Cindy Hart

Thanks Steve! Another quote for my files and a new conversation-starter topic: Thrive or Survive? You could probably invent a board game based on this too.


Yea what been said here is so true survival can be great motivator and a powerful instinct for doubling our business sales.............Very informative post.......always keep on sharing such articles

Marty Levy

Many salespeople do operate in the way that you describe. The problem you attribute to sales people however, may be more a symptom of poor sales management than their poor decision making.

Sales managers should be assisting salespeople to assess and identify "good" sales opportunities. Compensation plans must offer incentives for "good" sales behaviors and successes. Jointly developed territory and account plans focus resources on goal-achieving activity. CRM systems offer insights to managers and salespeople so they can adjust sales efforts to win the "best" business. Coaching by managers instill best practices sales behavior.

Are sales people solely responsible for spending time going after business that doesn't achieve quota-busting results?

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