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LisaRussellToday's guest post is by Lisa Russell, director of marketing at PointDrive.



We know the value of in-person meetings. You can quickly gauge your audience’s interest, get a read on who the key decision makers are, and see which of your materials most attracts them.

In-person meetings are highly effective. They’re also expensive and time consuming. In part, that accounts for the rise in inside sales teams, which can rake in new customers at 40 to 90 percent lower cost than field sales reps, according to ZS Associates and Harvard Business Review.

Email and conference calls are great ways to reach lots of people with very little investment in time and travel expenses, but everyone uses communication platforms such as email to try to reach prospects and customers. The result is clogged sales pipelines. You email a presentation, sales pitch, or proposal to a client and hear nothing back for weeks (or ever). Selling with a smile and a handshake will not be what it once was, but the good news is that the era of digital selling is still evolving.

Imagine, for example, being able to access more information about your customer’s behavior without leaving your desk. What if you could be instantly alerted via email to a real-time report of how your prospect interacted with your materials? How about gaining the ability to know whenever a prospect or customer

* clicks a link;

* views a PDF, image, or document;

* forwards your materials to a colleague;

* fails to open your presentation at all.

These are the kinds of metrics offered by our PointDrive Insights solution. We find that, once salespeople are armed with this kind of information, they gain far more control over the next steps in the deal cycle.

Gone are the days of simply crossing your fingers as you send your email. With technology such as PointDrive, the metrics behind each presentation provide you with the ability to make more intelligent, real-time decisions. Knowing the instant recipients have viewed your presentation and which assets they've opened allows you to be quicker, more informed, and more prepared for your follow-up. The result is a better match between the customer and you – in real time.

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