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I deeply agree with you John. And so much agree with the bottom line that you've tapped. Thanks for the truth's you've let me know. Because I always agree with the the principle "THE COSTUMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT" ,which is a wrong belief:)

Brian MacIver (@Palayo)

The evidence is that Sansibarsurpreme [supreme?] is correct. Not only in Germany, but globally. About the least effective behaviour in Customer Engagement is 'agreement'.

Indeed, 'agreeableness' is a predictor of a lack of sales success, especially in Account Management.

As a short test observe the Acceptance of Insights given as agreements, compared to insights given as disagreements. The same insight as disagreement can be 50% more likely to cause Customer Engagement.

Julie Dawn Harris

When you are a salesperson you need to understand your customer of what he/she is upto with your product. If he/she reacts to much then be more patient to him/her because the customer is always right in terms of buying products to your company. If you want to have many customers then treat them well. Convince them that they will get good service to your company.


Rubbish! "It can be a challenge when a customer says something that is, in our minds, as far from the truth as it could get." And right at this point the customer puts you to the test and reveals, that you are some kind of idiot (sorry) saying/doing almost anything to close the deal. Here in Germany we have a good understanding to contradict the customers oppinion and outline alternative thinking. There are good chances that this might turn out much more successful.

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