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New Opportunities to Advance Your Business: Mobile, Big Data, & Cloud

Almost everywhere I look these days, I see opportunities to advance business. 

Mobility is always an obvious one. Not only is mobile increasing efficiency for many companies and shortening sales cycles, it's offered sales teams the ability to convey better and more compelling messages to engage customers. This video from is a great example of how mobility can speed up and enhance your business. Check it out. 


Of course, this is an extreme example. Yet it captures what customers expect to see today from companies. If you can't keep up with their demands to deliver great service, anytime, anywhere, they will find some other company that understands how to leverage this technology and make their lives easier.

Mobile is simply a better way to communicate with and engage with customers. Consider IKEA as another example. The company embeds invisible bar codes into selected furniture. By using your downloaded Smartphone app you can see detailed information about the product. Customers download the app in the store and start exploring products. Compare that to Best Buy where customers frequently use the store to research the product and then buy it from a discounter online.

According to IDC, the tablet will outsell the PC this year by 27 percent. Gartner Group predicts that by 2015, tablets will outsell PCs by 75 percent. My feeling is that the explosive growth of mobile devices is an indication that mobile is not a platform – it is a business strategy.

Of course, today we can go beyond even mobile and tap the power of big data and analytics to create a powerhouse customer service and sales team that's equipped to handle any selling challenge. I see that many companies are still slow to fully realize the benefits of these three key elements. That's why I've partnered with Vendavo to stage a Webinar to showcase how you can use a combination of Big Data, the Cloud and mobile strategies to win more in sales. Join me on September 5 and you'll learn

  • How to create more customer value with your mobile strategy 
  • How double-digit growth companies enable their mobile sales team  
  • How best in class companies harness the Cloud and Big Data 
Register here and join the conversation: "The Sales Transformation: Mobile, Cloud, and Big Data."


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