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Selling for the Greater Good

When people generally think “salesperson,” who comes to mind? The desperately unfulfilled Willy Loman? It’s a Wonderful Life’s heartless and greedy Mr. Potter? Or maybe even Sesame Street’s Lefty the Salesman, whose slick but unsuccessful sales pitches are delivered in a whisper, as if too dishonest to be spoken out loud?

What about Bono, front man of the rock group U2? Or Craig Kielburger, who cofounded Free the Children at the age of 14? Or, for that matter, any salesperson who’s made at least one successful sale, not only solving a possibly pricey problem for a client but cultivating a lasting relationship with that client, who now regards the salesperson as a trusted source of valuable information?

“The greater good” is not a concept that is usually associated with sales, but in the 11 ½-minute SalesOpShop video below, Anthony Iannarino of The Sales Blog and I watch and share video clips featuring Bono, Kielburger, and the Dalai Lama and discuss how salespeople can make a positive impact, one client at a time.

We know that value-added selling involves determining the individual needs of a customer – and then working harder than the competition to meet those needs. In this video, the value-added selling concept is taken further, as Bono and Kielburger make good things happen on a global scale by utilizing the following timeless sales ideals:

1. believing in the sales script,

2. drawing attention to a problem that others (your prospects or clients) may not be aware of,

3. sharing your message in a way that clearly articulates a vision and thus motivates and inspires others.

Iannarino summarizes, “If you’ve helped one person, you’ve made a contribution. You’ve demonstrated compassion and made some small difference in the world.” A big plus, according to the Dalai Lama: compassionate people are actually healthier than those who are not!

What are your thoughts? How do you put your selling acumen to good use?

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