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Google’s Glass Marketing Act

Instead of creating a traditional PR or marketing campaign, Google used YouTube and Twitter as the predominant marketing tools to promote the idea of investing in a wearable computer that performs searches with voice command, takes pictures, connects you to social media, gives directions, and records videos. 


Google invited prospective customers to A) follow along on Twitter (and more than 88,000 did), B) Tweet ideas about how they’d use Google Glass, and C) buy Google Glass for $1,500.


Google also promoted the new Google Glass experience with action-packed YouTube videos. Here is one that got more than 21 million views:


Google also engaged notable VIPs in Silicon Valley (e.g., tech evangelist Robert Scoble and Loic LeMeur, the founder of LeWeb).

The Valley boys with toys created "Glass envy" at LeWeb in London.

In this video you can actually spot a flaw in Google Glass: when a Glass owner is within earshot of another Glass wearer, the voice command will be executed by both glasses.

Glass encourages people to create and share more images. Robert Scoble says in his blog that if you see a great scene, you can take a photo in real time – no more pulling your smartphone out of your pocket, clicking on the camera icon, aligning the camera with your target... Your ability to pull the trigger of your wearable 5MP camera (blink activated) allows you to instantly get more killer images and fun videos. Google Glass will make photo sharing and Twitter chatter skyrocket, and it will cause Google's database to balloon.

Faster, Better, Deeper Search – for Omni-Competent Living

In the video below, Google-ites demonstrate how quickly and easily they can tap into Google's gold mine of information using Glass. These wearers get instant answers to their questions.


Imagine wearing Google Glass on Jeopardy!. Imagine salespeople saying, "Glass, search Bill Smith on LinkedIn" in the customer's lobby. Or imagine a customer wearing Google Glass and saying, “Glass, check price on widget A,” and then responding to a salesperson with, “I see that your competitor’s price is cheaper. You need to come up with a better deal.”

Say No to Oogle Glass

Google Glass has created the need for greater privacy, and the device has already led to bans at gambling casinos, movie theaters, nightclubs, strip joints, and gyms. West Virginia legislature is already discussing a ban on using Google Glass while driving. The impact of Google Glass on human behavior has inspired many jokes. Conan O’Brien created a skit in which he announced a new, wearable device called Google Ass. SNL’s Fred Armison and Seth Meyers created a hilarious spoof on Google Glass. 

Robert Scoble said at LeWeb in London that he turns his Glass upward when he enters the men's room.


An absentminded downward glance could send a wrong message to the man standing next to him.

Enhanced privacy may save Google Glass from turning into Google Crass. My idea for enhanced Google Glass privacy is to add red, yellow, and green tamper-proof indicator lights that show what the Glass wearer is up to.


The Future Vision of Google Glass

Research conducted by BI Intelligence suggests that Google Glass sales will not skyrocket as they did for the Apple iPhone. 


Find more statistics at Statista.

Apple doesn’t see a bright future for Google Glass. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said at the 10th D: All Things Digital Conference that Google Glass would not have a broad appeal outside of certain vertical markets.  


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Will customers use Google Glass? Will salespeople wear Google Glass? Will sales trainers create Glass sales apps? Will sales managers be able to coach salespeople in real time? For what price would you buy Google Glass?

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