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Youcantfilletanibble-bookToday's blog post is by Gary Coxe, life strategist, personal-growth expert, and author of You Can’t Fillet a Nibble… It’s the Catch that Counts!

If you’re in sales or any kind of direct- or network-marketing company, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to persevere and make those sales that count. Here are five tips, discussed in You Can’t Fillet a Nibble…It’s the Catch that Counts!, to help you adjust your sales mind-set – and stay the course – for better results.

Tip #1: Have the guts of a burglar.

The idea behind this is that you have to become fearless in pursuing your prospects and goals in order to see greater success. This also includes learning how to not cave under pressure, stay persistent, and keep going, even when you feel like giving up because it’s too tedious or difficult or discouraging.

Tip #2: Don’t get on the roller coaster.

Nope, not at the amusement park; don’t get on the emotional roller coaster that a “nibble” can cause. This seems to happen to people who are new to sales. They’re unsure if they’ll be any good at it, and they try to build up their confidence by pinning their hopes on people who seem interested in buying – also known as “nibbles.” If those same people shoot them down, it’s just about as bad as being rejected by your high-school crush. Ouch!

Tip #3: Control your own destiny.

Calling can be a difficult task. Sometimes you just don’t want to face that rejection. Other times, it just seems tedious, even if your emotions aren’t riding the coaster. This same emotional or mental process can happen if you’re out looking for a job.

But consider this: if you want to do business with someone, you call that person, right? If you want or need a job, you follow up with all the companies where you submitted an application or resume. If someone wanted to do business with you, however, that person would be in touch with you. If someone wanted you to hire him or her, you would expect the applicant to do the legwork.

By doing the legwork when you need to, you are taking control of your own destiny.

Tip #4: Keep mentally tough and conditioned.

To follow this tip, you have to be consciously aware of your thoughts and emotional patterns as they relate to your thoughts, and you have to have a willingness to condition yourself for only constructive thoughts (note that I said constructive, not positive – positive thinking just isn’t enough). This ability – and everyone can develop this ability – is the first key to mastering your thoughts and emotions.

Emotions are so powerful, they can easily drag us down. All too often, people become slaves to their own feelings without even realizing that they have control over their emotions, not the other way around. Blaming failure on stress is buckling under pressure. Giving up because of one bad day or a handful of no’s is buckling under pressure.

Tip #5: Mind your side effects.

What do you think is worse, being poorer or ticking a few people off? These are the key differences between being passive and persistent, and being persistent usually brings more success than being passive. Being poorer or aggravating to some are the two main byproducts of each mind-set.

This is the kind of mind-set you should be working toward: “Who cares if I tick a few people off? I know who I am. I know the company I represent. I believe in both.”

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