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Many B2B sales leaders could use a crash course in reality when it comes to developing their sales talent. 

Companies should not be selling to yesterday's buyer. They should be selling to the digitally empowered customer. Yet countless sales organizations continue to let their reps use old approaches that don't map to the way customers think -- or, most important, to the ways they buy. 

The purpose of a company is to serve the customer, and if you cannot speak to your customer, engage your customer, and persuade your customer, you will quickly become irrelevant.The best sales-training companies provide insight that helps reps make a real impact with Customer 2.0. To help sales leaders make smarter choices about training and developing their teams, we put together the Selling Power 2012 Top 10 Sales Training Companies list. Presented in alphabetical order, the companies are: 

The Brooks Group

Carew International


Forum Corporation

Fusion Learning

PJF Sales Training

Profit Builders

Sales Performance International (SPI)

Sales Readiness Group

ValueSelling Associates 

We believe that each of these firms has demonstrated an excellent awareness of the skills and tools that sales professionals need to succeed and remain competitive. I encourage you to download our free feature article, “Sales Training that Works: How to leverage the best sales training methods to help your team win," to learn more about how these companies might help you attain your goals in the coming year. 


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