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Paris, France: At 6:00 a.m. today, Marc and Nicolas at IKO System pushed a button to launch their new sales application online. Two years after the initial release of their sales intelligence solution and after massive changes in the selling world, which has become increasingly social and mobile, it’s time to create more “wow” and value for the user.

This innovative French company, which is competing head-to-head with Silicon Valley cloud apps, is driven by the simple ambition to change the way sales reps capture prospects and close deals.

The IKO System app connects CRM solutions with social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter).

UntitledThe basic concept is simple: IKO analyzes all the connections between a company’s prospects, clients, and competitors to generate sales-trigger events.

The solution not only helps users find prospects using social referrals, but it also maps the best connections to each target account. What’s best is that users can pool their networks between all team members so that each person can gain access to many decision makers through instant referrals.

The application offers another key feature for greater insight throughout the sales cycle: as salespeople follow their contacts and accounts in their CRM system, they get instant access to current business news, job changes, and newly hired executives.

IKO founder and CEO Marc Rouvier told Selling Power, “Salespeople have a dual challenge: on one hand, there is a growing amount of CRM data decay; close to thirty percent of B2B contacts change jobs every year. On the other hand, there are fresh profiles and relationship data on LinkedIn, but sales reps don’t have the time to harvest the data from social networks.

“Recent studies show that more than eighty percent of decision makers accept meetings only through referrals, and relationship and trust come back as the key factors in selling. We needed a sales-intelligence software to collect and map the relationship information and deliver business insight to the sales reps. This didn’t exist, so we built it.”

As of today, IKO System has been adopted by some big players (McAfee, Oracle, SAP, Red Hat, and CBRE), but also SMBs and start-up companies.

Marc noted that in a socially networked world, sales success depends on making the right connections and having the right conversations. IKO System is a sales rep’s best friend when it comes to making the best connections and a sales rep’s smartest friend when it comes to having the best conversation with the right prospect at the right time.

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Marc and Nicolas at IKO System pushed a button to launch their new sales application online. graet news...

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