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Today's guest post is by Jeffrey Hayzlett, Best-Selling Author, Global Business Celebrity, and CEO of The Hayzlett Group. Follow him on Twitter at @JeffreyHayzlett

I had the pleasure of keynoting recently at DocuSign Momentum 2012 in San Francisco to a group forward-thinking change agents. For those sales leaders who haven’t heard of DocuSign or recognized the impact eSignature can have on your business -- watch out. There was a whole ballroom full of business leaders who get it; these folks understand the need to increase speed-to-revenue, drive sales, simplify workflow and process, and to change.

And change is tough. Here's a tidbit I shared with the crowd (this is also the dedication in my book, Running the Gauntlet): "To the naysayers, opportunists, and obstructionists who stand in the way of driving change and progress in any organization, take note: WE WILL BEAT YOU!"

Driving change can sometimes feel like you’re running the gauntlet. You come up against obstructionists, backstabbers, and opportunists who do their best to stand in the way of change.

People who don’t like change are going to fight it. Whatever they can do to resist change, they will -- because change makes them uncomfortable.

As a leader of change, you need to create tension, constantly seek ways to improve your business, increase sales and speed, and learn new technologies. Failure to adapt and change in sales or any business is a surefire way to sabotage your own success.

So adoption of eSignature is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you want to do things faster, better, more efficiently? No more paper. No more chasing a wet ink signature. Instead, adopt a totally legal, legitimate, and trackable way to continue on driving change in the gauntlet of business.

In my business I look for problem solvers, not problem seekers. And I found myself among a group of problem solvers at DocuSign Momentum 2012. Innovation is always a key driver for any business leader, so show initiative by introducing innovative ways to drive your business. Adapt or die!

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