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Capture & Use Social Insights to Gain a Competitive Selling Edge

I'm convinced that social insights are the key competitive differentiator for impacting revenue cycles today. 

Today we get social insights from information and data shared on social networks. But really social insights are nothing new to any experienced sales leader. Many sales professionals remember walking into a prospect's or customer's office and looking around to get a sense of what kind of person they'd be talking to. Were there photos of family on the desk? Sports trophies on shelves? Degrees on the wall? 

People carry their accomplishments, hopes, fears, and dreams around with them. These are the kinds of things that great salespeople excel at uncovering. Context clues -- what the person wears, how the person talks, etc. -- can help you figure out what is most important to this individual. These clues can help you establish trust and rapport. 

Today all of this information and more is readily available to you via a simple LinkedIn search. Your prospects and customers might be on Twitter right now, sharing details about themselves and their lives that can help you create a meaningful connection.

Reps who use social insights to uncover business concerns, personal interests, career history, common acquaintances, and more are better equipped to make connections with prospects that ultimately lead to more sales. Sales teams that can access a deeper level of knowledge beyond names, titles, and contact information automatically become more competitive by collapsing the sales cycle. The thing that amazes me is that many sales leaders and their teams have yet to tap into the rich resource of social insights to learn and listen to uncover opportunities.

I believe that sales leaders who act immediately to capture and use social insights will gain an automatic edge over the competition. Tomorrow I'll be discussing the power of social insights in more detail during my webinar, "How to Impact Revenue Cycles" with Ralf VonSosen, Vice President of Marketing at InsideView. He'll be sharing the compelling results that companies have been getting by incorporating social intelligence into their lead-to-revenue process, including explosive growth in call-to-opportunity ratios, true sales opportunities, and close rates.

Register now to join us and learn how your team can start seeing similar benefits today. 



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Dan DeHaan

I'm in an inside sales role and I try to do a quick search on linkedin while I'm talking to a new prospect. It helps me visualize the person as the conversation progresses.

Lattice Engines - Alicia Brayboy

I agree that tapping into social data is key to staying up-to-date on customers and prospects. However, for those sales professionals who are already leveraging social data, the bigger issue is how do they turn that data into social insight?

There is a fine line between getting lost in the deluge of big data and transforming that data into customer insight. Advanced sales teams are taking advantage of technology to solve this problem, thus effectively differentiating themselves without sacrificing productivity. After taking the first leap to social selling, sales pros must upgrade to customer insight in order to truly achieve a breakthrough.


This is not only true for sales but marketing who should be including social behaviors as a part of the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).

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