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It Is Time to Shame Spammers Publicly!

I am fed up with spammers! When I check the comments on my blog posts, I find more and more nonsensical comments with links to Websites whose owners pollute blogs with nonsensical comments and links to drive up their Internet traffic. Here are a few examples.

Someone with the email address luckypamela123@gmail.com posted this comment: "My thanks to this article, it has a super-duper instigation." After checking the site, I discovered that the site's owner is Kucheruk Pavlo, located in the Ukraine. The company is called infoessays.com. It offers writing services to US college students – I suppose in "perfekt" English.  

Below is a sampling of other spammers and their comments:

1.       "Houses are not very cheap."


2.       "You mention truth issue."


The owner of this site:

Eric Morse
Sales Result Inc.
2018 156th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98007
Toll-free: (877) 427-2490

My comment: Eric, stop spamming my blog. I won't spam yours.

3.       "Why loose free time?"


The owner of this site:

P.O. Box 821650
Vancouver, WA 98682

4.       "If students are willing to know." 


Note: The owner of the site is located in Australia

My comment: Put a shrimp on the barbie, wash it down with a tall Fosters, and stay away from my blog. 

5.       "Great SEO specialists are not easy to be saw." 


My Comment: Your English teacher must have been an old saw.

This site offers to create 60 Blog Comments for $150 - free typos included! 

The ad on the site describes the process: 
In addition to locating all of the correct blogs for your business, you have to study the rules of each blog and be certain that you follow them. Some blogs have maximum post lengths; others allow only one link back to your site; still others allow two up to no limit of links. All of these things you must record, so that each time you post a comment, you do it correctly. And each comment you post must be different from the one before, and on and on and on! You can spend a great deal of your day reading the most recent comments on blogs and then creating unique and important content, adding your keyword links, and imbedding your url into those links. At the same time, you must implement marketing strategies for all other types of Internet marketing and run your business as well. 

Note: The owner of this site is unknown - private registration by a company in PA 

Question: Is your blog flooded by spammers? What can we do to stop this insanity?

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Donna Barbie

I totally agree with you, I have a lot of websites and I receive thousands of stupid comments everyday..


You just boosted their traffic and gave them backlinks! Spammer 1 Selling Power Blog 0

Jacquelyn Lynn

I wrote a blog linking to this ... and got spammed on my blog by Emily. Sigh. But at least she ended her meaningless post with "Bless you."

Sharon Parker

So true! Thanks for bringing a most annoying issue to light. If you figure out how to stop it, let me know!
Sharon Parker

Brett Clay

Too funny, Gerhard. Go get em!

My Twitter followers love your post.

...I won't put a link to my website. ;-)


I agree with you Gerhard!!
Thanks for posting!

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