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5 Sales Management Questions We Answered in 2011

Every ending signals a new beginning. To make sure we build effectively on our experiences and avoid repeating our missteps, I asked Selling Power editors to compile this list of five important sales-management questions we addressed this year. Here are some of our most popular articles on topics that resonated with readers, including developing talent in your reps, adding value for customers, staying positive, and fostering loyal relationships.

Are You Selling Problems or Solutions?
Think about the news stories you heard or read today. Did you find information that you could use to improve your life? Did you read something that gave you a positive feeling? 

When Should Sales Managers Step in to Close the Deal?
The hardest part of sales management may be knowing when to step in and when to take a back seat as your reps learn the ropes, particularly in front of the customer. As tough as it is, it's often critical for the development of individual reps – and your team as a whole – to let them pave their own way. 

Are Your Sales Contacts Quality or Quantity?
With LinkedIn and Facebook making a public display of the numbers of "connections" or "friends" we have, it's tempting to equate numbers with success. But long-term sales success isn't about the quantity of your connections; it's about quality.

How Can Comparison Questions Help the Sale?
Sure, asking questions can lead to a sale. Asking the right questions, however, can win loyal business for years to come.

Where Can You Add Value?
What pushes business forward and paves the way for bigger sales? More value. One classic way to find opportunities to create value is to take a product or service and add something to it.


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Dave DiStefano

Great idea to revisit and consolidate these blogs, Gerhard. On the topic of when a sales manager should step in: It’s often best to avoid the quick fix, and take the time to teach. If you don’t coach your reps can handle the situation, what will happen next time? Our work at Richardson has shown us leaders lead well when they coach well. Check out our recent blog here for the top 6 traits the best sales leaders share:


Very nice article. So true what you're talking about. My favorite one is "Are You Selling Problems or Solutions?"

Again, nice article!

Sales consulting services

You mention truth issue on that stuff. I think you described it in a professional way. I hope you go further in this way, with your excellent way of writing articles.


Thanks for compiling these into one post! Great advice!
I especially enjoyed reading the quality vs. quantity article. Many times, especially with social media, we make a mistake of focusing on the number of followers, likes or connections. I've had experience where big numbers brought no results, and many times when a small number of contacts (but all with strong personal relationships) brought results, increased the amount of leads and sales in the end. So, in a battle like that, quality always wins.
Have a great holiday season!


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