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Last week I was invited to connect with a person named Tina on LinkedIn. I accepted the invitation, since the company she works for was connected to Today I received this sales letter from Tina: 

Dear Sir / Mam,

How are you?

Its immense pleasure for being connected with you on Linked-In.

Before going further let me first introduce ourselves to you,

Consummate Technologies "" is a based center of expertise in Apps Development and showcase "point solutions" in Education & Healthcare sectors;
We are keenly focused on Education point-solution offering based on platform for the Salesforce Foundation and would love an opportunity to work together to make solid inroads;

Currently we are positioning our certified pool of resources for agile apps-dev engagements; and would appreciate if you keep us in mind for your development need. We assure you of success with Consummate's app-dev unit/bench.

For the same, our Company's C.E.O wanted to discuss few business opportunities with you that proliferates both our companies together.
Can you please suggest me a suitable Time that works with your schedule?
So as I can arrange a call for this same.

We would love to have a chance to prove Consummate... as a trusted partner company.

Thanking you.


I thought that Tina deserved an "A" for effort. She used social media to make a sales call.

But Tina's letter brings a few questions to mind:

  1. Why did Tina call me "Sir/Mam"?
  2. Why didn't Tina use spell check?
  3. I was confused by her suggestion to discuss "opportunities that proliferates both our companies together."  

Tina's letter made me wonder about her company's roots and leadership.

Here is the elevator pitch of Consummate Technologies.

Consummate is an IT company providing technological services under various industries. These technological services can be categorized by IT Development and IT Management. Consummate can also provide IT infrastructure services in all these domains through cutting edge technology and innovative consulting.

Here is the profile of the company's leader: 

Dr. Anil Kumar Agarwal
Managing Director

Dr. Anil Kumar Agarwal is one of the Founders of Consummate Technologies and is currently working as a Managing Director with Consummate Technologies

Dr. Agarwal was born in 1950 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India and is a Medical Professional from Gwalior University, Madhya Pradesh, India. Though having qualified as a Medical Professional , he did not constrained his life only in his Nursing Home as a practitioner, rather with a drive to achieve and aiming high in the Industry, he established his name in the field of manufacturing drugs near in his home town, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

He is a skilled professional and with his expertise and experience in the field of business, he not only takes care of his Pharma Company and Private Practice as a Doctor, but also takes care of his Parental Tours & Travel business extensively in few states in India. 

Dr. Agarwal’s profile brings up a few questions:

  1. Why would a doctor run a nursing home, a pharma company, a travel business, and then start an IT company?
  2. If I agree to speak with Dr. Argawal, will he sell me on his technology, sign me up for his nursing home, sell me custom drugs, and then send me on a tour in Uttar Pradesh?

After a short search, I found DP Chem, registered in the Memorial Nursing Home in Nowgaon, Dist. Chhatarpur, India. 

Here is the manufacturing facility of Dr. Agarwal's pharma company.


Below is the manufacturing staff. 


Tina's letter, Dr. Argawal's profile, and his company's Websites are not designed to sell or market anything but confusion.

Here are four sales suggestions for Dr. Argawal, whose apparent goal is to gain a foothold in the global marketplace: 

1. If you have less than $20 to invest, visit and purchase a book that teaches employees how to write effective business letters.

2. If you have less than $50 to invest, go to This will give you access to 3,000 sales letters with helpful tips for writing letters that get results.

3. If you have less than $200 to invest, go to There, you'll find 1,000 places around the world where ambitious salespeople can learn English as a second language. 

4. If you have a budget for training, hire a company that specializes in removing the language barriers that stand in the way of your business growth. Check out They can help non-native-English-speaking employees gain an average of two hours per week of improved productivity.

Selling has changed. Social media is a powerful tool; salespeople the world over have leveraged its global reach to earn new business, define their company's brand, and guide conversations. But social media also magnifies communication weaknesses. Without the communicative power of face-to-face interaction, your words have to be able to stand alone. Do what it takes to get your point across plainly and powerfully.

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I would add, in addition to writing amazingly confusing content, that the writer was focused on what she wanted rather than on what she could give to or do for you to help your success. What do you care what she wants when you have never met? Today's economy is about giving first. Grateful recipients are more than willing to reciprocate.

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