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15021_1282462664779_1326475351_30738870_6663584_n Today's post was written by Sam Caucci, founder of the Sales Huddle, a sports sales education company. Sam focuses on improving the way that professionals sell in the sports industry. He also guest lectures and consults in the areas of sports sales and marketing at several universities and organizations across the globe. 

According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, a televised baseball game results in: 10.9% action, 7.5% replay and 68.6% standing around! Sounds like a typical day for most sales people. How much time do you spend just sitting around?

Action is key if you want to be better than most in sales. The fact is it doesn't take a genius to tell you that the more face-time you have, the more sales you have the opportunity to make. The reality is that most strive for minimum output and maximum return. Not a great model!

A sales day is all about building MO-mentum. On the sports field, momentum is something that is constantly pursued. It is pursued to the point that once a team has it on their side, they are more likely to take calculated risks that often turn into big results. As a sales professional, you are constantly trying to build momentum as you move your customer toward your final close. Are you focused on getting momentum on your side every day?

Here are 5 actions you can take daily to get the big 'Sales MO' on your side, and keep it:

1. Write your lineup. Your first ten minutes at work is a closed door one-on-one with yourself. Selling is a results-focused game. Set the top five things you will accomplish today and then prepare to make sure your schedule is aligned with achieving those goals.

2. Control your game. Your time is valuable! Set your schedule daily. And I don't mean just confirm your appointments or meetings. You need to plan your breaks (change your environment every 90 minutes), schedule when you make your outbound calls, book thinking time and leave no room on your calendar to chance. Fumbles kill a team's drive down the field, and they also destroy momentum.

3. Turn Two. Maximizing the opportunities you have is a key to ensuring that you keep momentum on your side. You will have face time with potential or current clients at some point. Are you asking for referrals? Are you promoting the latest promotions? Are you maximizing every interaction? Every 'YES' starts with a question. Are you asking?

4. Be 'Next Play' Minded. Some sales will not close. You know that. You also know salespeople that spend the rest of their day complaining about the customer that said "no". Momentum is not a friend to negative people. If you miss, move on. Embrace the reality that every miss will positively prepare you for your next play.

5. Always Celebrate. When you make a sale it is a big thing. You scored! Now you don't have to be emotional and drench yourself in a Gatorade bath, but you do have to recognize your win. Be the sales professional that is willing to celebrate his/her own accomplishments, and also remember to celebrate the successes of the rest of the team. 

True sales professionals are masters of getting and keeping momentum on their side. The reality of taking on any new improvement is that it really is the start that stops most people. Are you ready to take the next step? Momentum is all about taking action, putting your blinders on and being relentless until a sale happens.

If selling is about energy than closing is about building that energy up into a tidal wave of momentum. It takes work. It takes discipline. And it makes sales!

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Such a nice thoughts,,i will definately try this in my office..

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