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Kevin-crop-black-shirt-150x150 51jpM0vSzaL._SL110_Today' s post is by guest blogger Kevin Knebl, speaker, trainer, advisor to Fortune 500 companies, and coauthor of The Social Media Sales Revolution.



Facebook is The Beatles of the 21st century. It's everywhere, it's getting bigger, and it's not going away. Sharp salespeople realize this and capitalize on it.

As a salesperson, you know, as Bob Burg so famously says, "All things being equal, people do business with and refer business to people they know, like, and trust." Facebook enables us to create "know/like/trust" relationships with prospects, clients, and referral sources in ways that even a few years ago would have amazed us.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you're using Facebook in your sales efforts:

  • Your Wall is the place to build a sense of community with your fans and where you should be interacting with them in a "non-salesy" manner.
  • Use Facebook Ads to reach a very targeted demographic of potential buyers.
  • You can create ads that only target your existing fans, and the number one reason people become fans is to take advantage of promotional offers.

Many salespeople in my audiences are asking when and how frequently they should be posting. They're already very busy and don't want the additional burden of having to become a 24/7/365 social-media maven. The good news is that, just like in real life, no one wants to be inundated with a barrage of information. Post once a day or once every other day. That's enough.

Remember that most people are checking Facebook after work, so schedule your posts for the early evening and weekends. People will be more relaxed at those times and more receptive to your messages.

As you're thinking of the type of content to post, keep in mind topics that are popular, in the news, and at first may appear to have no relation to your business. When you figure out a way to mention these topics in your posts, it drives more engagement from your fans. 

Think of your Facebook posts as kind of like your sales funnel. It's wide at the top, and you should be posting things that a large number of people may find interest in. Folks "like" your page, and over time you're looking to move them through the pipeline by posting a mix of broad messages and also specific, targeted information that your ideal clients will find valuable. In this manner, you're constantly bringing new people into your community and also adding more value to existing fans.

Above all, have fun. Seriously. No one has the Rosetta Stone on social media. The irony is that social media isn't about technology; it's about sociology. Salespeople who realize that adults are just kids with long, hairy legs who just want to be happy can deliver value to their prospects and referral sources.

Facebook is allowing us to connect and interconnect in wonderful ways. What goes around comes around. At the speed of light. Literally. Seek to be a value generator in everything you do, and in a more-and-more-interconnected, overcaffeinated, hypercompetitive, Mach-5-with-your-receding-hairline-on-fire world, that pay-it-forward spirit will serve you well.

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I wish I would of come across this artcle before I started to use facebook for business purposes. I learned more here then reading back and forth on facebook on creating a business page. Social marketing is becoming a way to promote your business. Thank you for sharing your information.

Kathy Tennant

I love your last line, Kevin: and in a more-and-more-interconnected, overcaffeinated, hypercompetitive, Mach-5-with-your-receding-hairline-on-fire world, that pay-it-forward spirit will serve you well.

What a description of this social selling world!
Thanks for the post!

Desking tool

I agree it's everywhere. And not just Facebook, almost every social site contains are being used as selling platforms. The more viewers for your pages count, the more potential customers you may have. Society has the power to spread the word.

Barbara Giamanco

Excellent piece, Kevin. I especially like how you remind people that social media isn't about the called it sociology, which certainly fits. Reminding people that the whole point is to engage with other people, because after all, we buy from people, is such an important message to reinforce. I hope the impatient sales folks out there will take note and stop broadcasting their sales pitch just because they have access to a social media megaphone.

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