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This guest post was written by Jerry Teplitz, J.D., Ph.D. who came to visit my office over ten years ago. Jerry knows more about how to get your mind and body in synch to optimize performance. He showed me an amazingly simple technique how anyone can get rid of a headache within two minutes.  He simply pressed acupressure points around the nose, eyes and on top of the head. I’ve used his Blog-booktechnique for over ten years and people are astonished when I teach them how to do it and they are surprised at how fast a headache can disappear – without medicine.

  Jerry is a master at harnessing a salesperson’s most valuable asset: positive energy. After I read his latest book entitled Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain For Sales Success (Amazon), I asked Jerry to share his astonishing techniques.

In this guest post, Jerry shares how you can manage your body-mind connection to optimize performance.

Has it ever happened to you that you are about to ask for the order, but for some reason the words don’t come out right? You are stuck your body and your brain are “switched off”.

In these situations, it's actually your brain that is switched off and you’re struggling. What you need is a whole brain, integrated rewiring approach to overcome this challenge.

How the Mind Impacts Your Body

There is a way to determine how these stuck, negative thoughts are immediately affecting your performance by using a technique I call “muscle checking”.  Muscle Checking is one of the unique components of the book I’ve written. Let me give you the instructions of how to perform muscle checking so you can experience what I’m talking about. You will need to experience this with a partner.

1.   Face you partner. Have your partner raise one arm straight out from the side of their body with their thumb pointing down. Think of a bird spreading its wings.

2.   While holding the arm extended position, place one of your hands on your partner's extended arm, above the wrist bone, and the other on your partner's opposite shoulder.

3.  Instruct your partner to push up as you push down, firmly, on their extended arm for several seconds. Their arm should stay level.

 4.  Now have your partner close their eyes and think of a negative sales experience.  When they say that they have it in focus tell them to resist while you press down on their arm. The arm will usually go down with you applying very little pressure. 

5.  Now tell your partner to close their eyes and think of a very positive sales experience. Once your partner has that experience focused tell them to resist again while you press down. The arm will usually stay level and strong, even if you apply more pressure.

Brain Gym® The Way To Balance The Brain
The muscle checking is not a trick and the results are real and repeatable. Now that you know that a negative thought is affecting you, you can use two of the Brain Gym® movements in the Switched-On Selling book to change how your brain and body are perceiving and reacting to the situation. With this experience you will actually get rid of the negative charge attached to that thought in two minutes.

This movement is done in two parts. While you are doing each position, focus on the negative thoughts you have about a challenging situation. If your mind starts to wander off the negative thought or other thoughts come up, then start to view the situation positively:



Sit in a chair or stand and clasp your hands together. Whichever thumb is on top will be considered your body’s primary side. Release your hands and extend your hands in front of you with the back of each hand facing the other. Cross the primary side hand over the top of the other hand and intertwine your fingers. Draw your hands under and into your chest. Cross your primary side ankle in front of the other ankle. Place your tongue against the roof of your mouth, one quarter inch behind your front teeth. Close your eyes and breathe through your nose while you think of the situation. Hold for thirty seconds to one minute.


Part II 

Uncross your legs and release your hands. Place the fingertips of both of your hands together forming a teepee. Keep your eyes closed, tongue up, and continue to breathe. If the negative thought is still there continue to focus on the negative. If its gone or disappearing focus on the positive thought. Hold for thirty seconds to one minute.



On your forehead, find the middle of each eyebrow, then move your fingers half way up to the hairline, where there is a small bony protrusion known as a frontal eminence right where the forehead begins to curve. Place the middle three fingers of the left hand over the left frontal eminence and the three fingers of the right hand over the right frontal eminence. Apply a very light pressure.                   

Close your eyes and remain in this position for thirty seconds to a minute. If you feel the negativity dissipating, begin to see the positive about the situation. When you are finished, open your eyes.

Have a partner muscle check you again while you visualize the same situation in your mind. You will experience that your arm will stay solid.  After you have completed these movements, you will find that you are able to recall the situation but that the negativity is gone from your memory.

This was an example of just one aspect of the Switched On Selling concepts. The rest of the book focuses on all the other aspects of the selling process to ensure that your body and brain are switched on for every part of selling. 

Full disclosure: Jerry Teplitz is not a client of Selling Power. To learn about his seminars, go to www.teplitz.com/sell.htm


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