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Thoughts for Thanksgiving: Meaning over Money

We live in a complex world.


We tend to drift in a relentless flood of technological progress.


While we benefit from a great wealth of information, we find more poverty of attention.

We find less time to think and enjoy the simple pleasures, like…


…the wonderful colors of autumn,


…the soft light of the morning sun,

…the warmth of a blazing fire.

While technology accelerates our lives, we need to attempt to slow time…

and sit still to enjoy nature, so we can let our thoughts wander…


…and our imagination soar,


…so we can cultivate new ideas…


…and let them age like fine wine.

Thanksgiving is the time to remember that there are two philosophies that can govern our lives:

The first is the philosophy of more.

Some people like to count their possessions and money while dreaming of getting more.  When they reach $1 million, they want to get to $10 million. And when they reach $10 million, they begin to push for $100 million. After they reach $100 million, they want to shoot for $1 billion. The philosophy of more leads people to a blind chase; they work at a frenzied pace, forgetting who they are while being obsessed with counting, adding, and accumulating. The philosophy of more is identical to the cancer cell that grows and grows and grows until it kills the organism it inhabits.  

The second philosophy is the philosophy of enough.

People who understand what enough is in terms of money, possessions, and success are able to set boundaries, and they choose quality of life over quantity of money. Boundaries come from knowing ourselves. People without boundaries are often clueless as to what they really want and who they really are. The philosophy of more is driven by money; the philosophy of enough is created by meaning. B.C. Forbes, the founder of Forbes magazine, said it best: “The business of life is not business, but living.”


Zig Ziglar once said that money can buy you the best mattress in the world, but it can’t buy you a good night’s sleep. This Thanksgiving, let’s consider the philosophy of enough by defining the boundaries that will allow us greater freedom.


Boundaries help us bloom where we are planted.


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