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How the Apple iPad Will Change How you Sell, Work and Play

In a few days, you will be able to hold an iPad in your hands andApr1_1 experience a similar rush that people get when they hold a newborn baby. Over the last three months, Apple’s market cap has steadily grown ahead of Google’s. Today, Apple is worth a whopping $33 billion more. While Google delivers what we want to know, Apple creates magic that we can hold in our hands. The magic of finger-surfing the Internet, expanding photos with two fingers, flicking through emails, and making spam disappear with one touch – wow, what a great feeling!

Here is a great demo of the iPad:


Here is my prediction of what the iPad will do for salespeople:

1. It will give you instant star power. The moment the first iPad leaves a store, the world will be divided into those who own the iPad and those who don’t. The iPad holders will be seen as the thought leaders, the innovators, and the super-cool people.

2. The iPad will change your life. Emails will be faster, photos will be bigger, movies will be more fun, music will be easier to consume, Web surfing will be more enjoyable. Reading books, newspapers, and magazines will be far more enjoyable. (I have not used my Kindle in more than two months).

3. The iPad is the first computer that doesn’t make you wait. It comes to life the instant you turn it on. This is a vast improvement over the traditional PC, which keeps users staring at a screen for two to three minutes before anything happens.

4. Touching your iPad is a huge leap forward in customer engagement. Salespeople can quickly access all the information the customer wants to see. Imagine going on a sales call with an iPad, showing video testimonials or product demos. Soon you’ll be able to conduct a Webinar on your iPad, sharing your screen with customers on another continent.

5. The iPad will become your surfboard for cloud computing. You can expect amazing iPad business applications that will span lead management, marketing, sales process, analytics, comp management, sales enablement, sales strategy, and sales training. Imagine sitting on a park bench after a client visit, flipping through your online configurator, creating a proposal, and sending it to your customer with the flick of your fingers.

6. All iPhone apps will run on the iPad. Google Earth, Salesforce, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter will be available on the iPad. Our new application Sales Strategizer Pro will run on the iPad to help salespeople design a completely customized account strategy. (Disclosure: This is a Selling Power technology.)

The probable downside:

The iPad will accelerate our rapacious desire for more. The core philosophy of IT designers is to deliver more. The Internet delivers more pages than we can consume in a lifetime, more movies than we can watch, more books than we can read, more music than we have time to listen to, more images than we have time to admire, more games than we can play.

What we don’t get from the iPad is “enough.”

While books have back covers that let us know that we’ve had enough to read on a subject, the iPad will feed us more in the most pleasant and effortless way, whether we need it or not. There is no shutoff built into the iPad that is automatically activated when we have had enough.

Who will be the master, we or the iPad?

Here is an interesting question: Will we be able to use the iPad so it will add more value to our lives, or will the iPad turn into a subtle thief of time that reduces our chances of reaching our goals?

Getting new, shiny objects like the iPad creates, in a very small way, the illusion of getting a new baby. Our future is filled with hope. The big question is, what are the chances of the roles being reversed, where grownups turn into hopelessly dependent babies? Will our spouse or significant other require an iTaser to shock us back into reality?

In case you’re interested, I just ordered my iPad online.

Question: Are you planning to get an iPad? Share how you will use it to drive up sales productivity.

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Actually nothng, I stick with my laptop, and no changes occur.

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