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10 Best Practice Ideas for Creating a Proud and Winning Sales Team

10 Fresh Ideas for Selling More in This Tough Economy

I recently sat down with Howard Stevens, CEO of HR Chally, to discuss how sales executives can adapt better strategies and tactics to win in this tough economy. Howard has studied successful salespeople for decades and lectured around the globe (Europe, India, and China) helping sales leaders build a more effective sales organization. Howard is also the founder of the University Sales Education Foundation.

Watch this 5-minute video now, and then review the questions below.

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Review these 10 ideas and think about how they can help you win

Below you’ll find the key ideas that you will learn in this short video. To help you turn these ideas into action, review the question below each idea.

1. Expand your service to existing customers.
Question: Have you expanded your service, or cut it down?

2. Change your mind-set and redefine what success means to you.
Question: Who has a greater chance of becoming successful, those who spend time defining what success means to them, or those who don’t have a clear definition of success?

3. Differentiate yourself and provide more value to your customers.
Question: How are you different from all the other solution providers that compete for your prospect’s budget?

4. Review your entire sales process. Learn more and innovate so you can sell more and earn more.
Question: How long has it been since you checked your sales process for efficiency leaks?

5. Look for mentors who can help you put things into perspective. Mentors can have a calming influence and help you restore confidence.
Question: Do you believe in tapping into the sagacity of seasoned executives?

6. Use technology to accelerate your sales activities. Start with a better social-networking strategy.
Question: What’s holding you back from expanding your social-networking assets?

7. Review your sales funnel and explore Sales 2.0 tools that can improve your sales process.
Question: Do you spend at least one hour each week shopping for new Sales 2.0 tools that can accelerate your sales funnel?

8. Set aside more time to think each day so you can act more effectively. Thinking is an experiential form of action. Acting impulsively is often unproductive and expensive.
Question: Do you review your sales strategy before each call, or do you make it up as you go?

9. Rediscover your assets that have helped you before. You can build greater success by focusing on your strengths than by trying to eliminate your weaknesses.
Question: What are your three fundamental strengths that have helped you get where you are today?

10. Times of adversity are a great opportunity for self-discovery and refocusing on what you want to get out of life.
Question: Can you define the gap between what you want to get out of life and where you are today?

Action step 1: Select the three top ideas and apply them today.

Action step 2: If these ideas helped you, share them with others. Spread the wealth to create more wealth for others.

Actions step 3: If you want to share your best idea, please click on “comments” below.

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